Move Forward & Give Back

As we progress in life, it’s important to always look back and lend a helping hand to those in need. At the University of Cyberjaya, we strive to create exceptional medical professionals who can lead in excellence while making sure to serve the community with utmost generosity especially during trying times.

Find out more about how the University has formed dedicated medical professionals, who are the experts behind our Faculty of Medicine, and what experience our students are exposed to in our MBBS programme.

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Forge Your Life’s Purpose

Create a meaningful life by having a purpose, one that benefits the society at large.

Let us guide your way to a career in medicine to achieve this greater purpose.

Here’s how we do it:


Our students are exposed to international relief missions

Students are given eye-opening medical experiences dealing with the poor and needy.


We train our students with expert lecturers

Students learn from the best with our industry experts from the field of pathology, bioethics, public health and more.


We urge our MBBS students to specialise in a field

We have produced 1,341 medical students, most who are specialists, so they are better equipped in knowledge to help their patients.

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